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A bit about me...

Born and raised on a beautiful farm overlooking the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons on the border of Wales and England, T.O. Griffiths grew up fascinated by animals, sharks most of all. He was lucky enough to be surrounded by farm animals - including the magnificent peacocks - and a stunning view. 

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A bit more...

As a boy, he used to write short stories and poems, somewhat inspired by Alice in Wonderland. With a large collection of swords, axes and armour himself, his fascination with weaponry has helped inspire certain characters T.O. Griffiths has created in Splendania.

With a busy job and life moving forward, time to focus and complete the book became a labour of love for T.O. Griffiths, but something he was determined to accomplish.

The story coming into existence was completely spontaneous; he was asked to make up a bedtime story for his girlfriend to help her sleep. It was not helpful, however, as he was then up all night, writing it down instead of finishing the story for her, until now.


Tales of Splendania had been rattling around T.O. Griffiths’ head for many years and the story evolved and swayed this way and that, and now, he is extremely excited to share it with you and hopes you enjoy it as much as he has enjoyed creating the World of Splendania.

The story continues in Tales of Splendania: A Heart of Ice, which takes Vanadae and Galderon on more whirlwind adventures throughout Splendania and beyond!



Amazon Customer

"My 2 kids loved the book and were disappointed that it had to end - hoping for a follow up edition soon - highly enjoyable and helped their reading too!"

Amazon Customer

"This book is so creative and the authour really does have a way with his words! His descriptive writing leads your imagination through a magical journey of fantastical monsters, intriguing characters and marveloussly enchanting kingdoms - it kept me fully engaged and eager for the next line, page and chapter. The only downside to this book, is that there's not more of it ... engrossed from the off and already yearning for the second book. Seriously well done T.O Griffiths!"

Amazon Customer

"Absolutely loved this book, I love fantasy so I bought this book for myself, but I’ll definitely be buying it again for a friend’s daughter! Looking forward to the next one!"

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